Choose from a wide assortment
of leathers:
Leather is the strongest upholstered
materials known to man. Full-grain leather is
nature's product. Nature has created its
strong physical structure by weaving an
intricate network of leather fibers. This
strength allows us to pull leather down tightly
without fear of tearing it. Leather
is extremely difficult to puncture.
Because of recent improvements in tanning
processes, our leathers will remain supple
indefinitely, yet won't stretch out of shape.
Our finishes and dyes are permanent and
won't crack, fade or peel. Leather can stand
up to the rigors of daily life in the home and
office with minimal care.

About Leather:
The Beauty of Full-grain leathers are the
individual characteristics that make each
hide unique. Leather will always retain the
marks of its natural origin. No two hides are
ever alike. Due to varying grain structure, the
dyes and finishes penetrate to different
degrees in different parts of the hide to give
additional variations.

These are usually formed as a result of
barbed wire damage, disease and infestation,
or by the horns of other cattle. In their healed
form, the new skin is as strong as the
remainder of the hide.

Stretch Marks:
The process of calving requires the
stretching of the skin to accommodate the
new calf. Nothing could be more natural.

Growth Marks and Veins:
These are an indication of the age of the
animal and in that respect are similar to the
graining on a piece of timber. They often
range from quite pronounced marks to subtle
bands across the hide perpendicular to the

Grain Variation:
The fiber texture varies greatly from being
loose in the belly and flank areas to being
relatively light across the backbone. The
looser areas consistently have more stretch.
This variation in hair pore structure is
particularly noticeable in non-textured
leathers. Other variations in grain pattern
occur during the life of the animal.

Neck Wrinkles:
So that the steer will have the flexibility
needed to move its head while grazing; the
skin located on the neck is full and loose. As
the neck stretches and contracts, wrinkles
naturally occur in the hide.

The natural furrows appear along the
backbone of all hides. Again, due to the
animal's physiology, they are your proof of a
natural full-grain hide.

Like human fingerprints, graining is unique to
each individual hide, and is the hallmark of
quality full-grain leather hides.

Branding Marks:
Although seldom found on finished furniture,
the branding marks are a part of virtually
every hide.

Protected Aniline Leathers:
Protected aniline leathers have been aniline
dyed and have a pigmented top coat to
ensure color consistency while still showing
the natural characteristics of the hide. They
are the perfect choice for people who expect
the most out of life and demand high
performance. Protected aniline leathers have
an outstanding durability level and are great
for families of energetic individuals.

Characteristics and Expectations:
Color will be more consistent throughout the
hide. Protected aniline leathers may be
cleansed easily using water. Ink may be
cleaned with an approved leather care kit.
Protected aniline leathers wear consistently
with time. Protected aniline accounts for 90%
of all leathers sold. More hides are available
in this selection than any other.

Leather Care and Cleaning:
Cared for properly, your leather will provide
you with many years of comfort and
satisfaction. Pure anilines are treated, which
promotes water and stain resistance for
easy cleaning. If a stain goes unnoticed and
penetrates the leather, use lukewarm water
and a soft white cloth to gently clean the stain
and surrounding area for best results.
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